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What makes ThumbsUp so much better?

Maybe you’re in the middle of moving. Maybe you’re decorating your home. Maybe you’ve just finished some interior painting. Whatever’s led you to it, now’s the time to display your favorite artwork. Finding the right hardware for picture hanging can be daunting — using it is even worse. ThumbsUp! makes hanging your pictures, photos and mirrors a snap!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!It's Fast!
It only takes 5 seconds to put it in, and absolutely no tools!

It's Easy!
Thumbs Up! has an ergonomic design which makes installation easy for anyone! Just Push, Rock, and Lock!

It's Safe!
Never again hurt your hand or your fingers with a hammer. Less likely to puncture wiring or plumbing.

It's Secure!
Holds pictures, plaques, mirrors, or anything else - up to 25 pounds with a single hanger, or 50 pounds using two hangers!

It's Clean!
Leaves only a small hole in the wall, providing the security of a locking anchor without all the drywall damange. Won't compact insulaton like "wire hook" style drywall hangers.

It's Quiet!
No hammer means no noise! Hang pictures while the baby is sleeping in the same room! No worries!

It's Guaranteed!
Not only do you get a 30 day money back guarantee, but Thumbs Up hangers also have a lifetime warranty! If they break, we'll replace them for free. Click here to read more

What others have to say
I used ThumbsUp! to hang a really heavy mirror. These picture hangers are fabulous. You can’t beat the price, either!
Lorraine from Florida
My house has turned into a picture gallery thanks to ThumbsUp picture hangers. My home decorator told me about them. It’s so easy to hang pictures and decorations.
Lisa from Louisiana
I just tried your hangers and LOVED them. We are moving offices in the next few months and I would like to use your hangers for all the photos & pics that will be moving with me...
Jeff Ruhe, Producer of 'Ask This Old House'



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